Evening in Muskoka Box


Indulge in Muskoka’s calm and breathtaking beauty with our exclusive “Evening in Muskoka” Gift Box. This exceptional gift box features a Focus Point Laser Engraving cutting board, which blends nature with expert craftsmanship. Muskoka, Repurposed’s stamped spoon adds an extra touch of personalization. Yummies in a Jar offers locally sourced Berrylicious jam, which explodes with delicious flavour in every jar. For a satisfying snack, try Stonewall Kitchen’s Rosemary Parmesan CrackersImpress your guests with assorted elegant wildlife-inspired wine charms from Special Touch Design by Laura. 

With this gift box, you can fully immerse yourself in the essence of Muskoka and create unforgettable memories of your evenings.


  • Focal Point Laser Engraving – 7″ x 9″ White Pine Cutting Board Treated with Food Safe Linseed Oil
  • Muskoka, Repurposed – 1 stamped spoon “Spoonful of  Joy” or “Spoonful of Love” 
  • Yummies in a Jar – 125 ml jar of jam- Baysville Berrylicious 
  • Stonewall Kitchen – Rosemary Parmesan Crackers – 5oz package
  • Special Touch Design by Laura – Assorted Wine Glass Charms (Set of 4)

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Add on a personalized messaged with a chosen for you Muskoka-themed greeting card and include your own personalized message for your gift.

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Experience the Magic of Muskoka: An Evening in Muskoka Gift Box Elevate your evenings with the enchanting spirit of Muskoka – a symphony of nature, craftsmanship, and heartwarming flavours. Our "Evening in Muskoka" Gift Box is more than a collection of items; it's a journey that captures the essence of this beloved region and transforms your evenings into unforgettable experiences.

Craftsmanship and Memories: The journey begins with a Focus Point Laser Engraving cutting board – not just a functional piece, but a canvas etched with the beauty of Muskoka. This board carries the stories of this cherished region and becomes a vessel for your culinary creations.

Stamped with Joy or Love: Muskoka, Repurposed brings you the joy of authenticity. One stamped spoon bearing the words "Spoonful of  Joy" or "Spoonful of  Love" infuses your evenings with sentiment. Handcrafted and repurposed, they carry a rustic charm that resonates with the soul of Muskoka.

Nature's Bounty in Every Jar: Discover the delicious "Baysville Berrylicious" jam from Yummies in a Jar, which captures the rich flavours of the region in a delectable blend. The 125 ml jar gives you a taste of the sweetness of this natural bounty as you spread it over your favourite treats.

Bite-sized Delights from Muskoka's Heart: Stonewall Kitchen brings you Rosemary Parmesan Crackers that embody the essence of Muskoka's heartiness. Each bite is a taste of the region's warmth and comfort. Perfect for sharing or indulging in solitary moments.

Elegance in Every Sip: Special Touch Design by Laura adds an elegant touch with a set of four assorted wine charms – the different colour beads help you to keep an eye on your wine glass while the charms, meticulously crafted, capture the soul of Muskoka's wildlife and area while adding a layer of sophistication to your evening gatherings. (The designs may vary depending on the availability of stock.) (Loon, Hummingbird, Moose, and Bear, Inukshuk and Maple Leaf)

Creating Memories, One Evening at a Time: The "Evening in Muskoka" Gift Box is more than just a collection of items. It's a chance to fully immerse yourself in the tranquillity and charm of Muskoka. Every touch, taste, and sip will transport you to the magic that makes this region unique. 

Whether you're sharing these treasures with loved ones or enjoying some alone time, this gift box creates lasting memories to cherish. It's an invitation to experience the allure of Muskoka from the comfort of your own home and to make your unique story of Muskoka one evening at a time.


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Nutrition Information

Stonewall Kitchen Rosemary Parmesan Flavour Crackers Per 11 crackers (29g)
Calories 120
Fat 3.5g (5% DV) – Saturated 2g + Trans 0.1g
Carbohydrates 19g
Fibre 1g (4% DV)
Sugars 2g ( 2% DV)
Protein 4g
Cholesterol 10mg
Sodium 250mg (11% DV)
Potassium 30 mg (1% DV)
Calcium 40 mg (3% DV)
Iron 1.25mg (7% DV)

Ingredients: Enriched unbleached flour • Whole milk • Butter • Sugars (cane sugar) • Rosemary • Sea salt • Parmesan cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, sea salt, enzymes) • Natural parmesan-type flavour (dehydrated cheddar cheese [cultured pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes], natural flavour, salt, coconut oil, whey powder, silicon dioxide [as an anti-caking agent], * autolyzed yeast extract). Contains: Wheat • Milk • Barley. May contain Sesame. *Product of genetic engineering.

Yummies in a Jar Baysville Berrylicious Jam
Ingredients: Fruit (raspberries, apples, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries), sugar, water, fruit pectin, lemon juice from conc. (no sulphites or gluten.)