Welcome to our monthly Vendor Showcase, where we feature our partners’ exceptional talent and services. This month, we’re thrilled to introduce you to SunSet Val Photography, a distinguished name in the world of photography, renowned for capturing life’s most precious moments with unparalleled artistry and passion. We’re especially excited to announce that their stunning Muskoka-themed photography greeting cards are now available as an add-on to all our Muskoka Gift Boxes.

A serene lake at sunset, with a sky displaying gradient colors from orange to deep blue. The horizon is lined with silhouetted trees. Calm water reflects the vibrant hues.

© SunSet Val Photography

The Story Behind Sunset Val Photography

SunSet Val Photography was born from a profound love for capturing the world’s beauty and people’s emotions. Their journey into photography started as a shared hobby. They spent countless hours exploring nature and urban landscapes, capturing the magic of sunsets, the serenity of dawns, and the vibrancy of life in between. Their passion evolved into a profession, and SunSet Val Photography was established to bring their unique vision to a broader audience.


Capturing the Essence of Muskoka

What sets SunSet Val Photography apart is its ability to capture the essence of Muskoka’s natural beauty. Their photographs evoke this beloved region’s serene and enchanting spirit, from iconic sunsets over the lakes to the vibrant fall foliage. Each Muskoka-themed greeting card features a unique image that tells a story, making it perfect for any occasion.

These greeting cards are now available as an add-on to all Muskoka Gift Boxes. Whether you’re sending a thank you note, celebrating a birthday, or just saying hello, these cards add a personal and artistic touch to your gift. Each card is a piece of art, capturing the timeless beauty of Muskoka and bringing a piece of this magical place to your loved ones.


Several photographs of animals and landscapes, including a deer, fox, squirrel, moose, birds, and sunset over a lake, are spread out on a white surface.

Muskoka-Themed Greeting Cards Available to Add-On to your Muskoka Gift Box.

Giving Back to the Community

SunSet Val Photography is deeply committed to giving back to the community. Regularly participate in local charity events and donate photography services and prints to support various causes. They believe in using their skills and resources to make a positive impact and are always looking for ways to contribute to the community.



SunSet Val Photography is more than just a photography business—it’s a celebration of life’s beautiful moments. With its personalized approach, artistic talent, and commitment to excellence, it has built a reputation as one of the leading photographers in the region. We’re proud to feature it as our Vendor Showcase for the month of June and to offer its exceptional services through Muskoka Gift Box.

Reach out to them today and let them help you create memories that will last a lifetime. For a personal and artistic touch, don’t forget to add their exquisite Muskoka-themed photography greeting cards to your Muskoka Gift Box.