Introducing Tea on the 45th: Steeped in Muskoka Magic


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Step into the world of Muskoka enchantment with Tea on the 45th, a cherished vendor proudly featured in our curated Muskoka Gift Boxes. As a Canadian-owned and operated tea company, Tea on the 45th brings a rich history and a passion for tea, health, and community to our collection. Having successfully established roots in Winter Garden, Florida, in 2014, they have returned to Bracebridge, Muskoka, infusing “The Modern Tea Party” with the essence of Muskoka living.

Brewing Muskoka’s Magic, One Sip at a Time

Tea on the 45th is located in the heart of Muskoka, in Bracebridge, and offers a delightful tea experience. Whether you’re planning a casual get-together or a grand event, they specialize in creating the perfect tea experience that embodies the charm and tranquillity of Muskoka in every cup.

You can enjoy a Muskoka tea party tailored specifically to your needs by booking a Tea Social in their Muskoka Room. Tea on the 45th offers you the option of indulging in an intimate gathering or a community event infused with the flavours of their exceptional teas.

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Meet the Maestro: Marc Baudendistel, Your Health Coach and Tea Aficionado

Owned by the visionary Marc Baudendistel, Tea on the 45th is not just about tea; it’s a journey of wellness guided by a Health Coach who listens and navigates the complex world of nutrition with you. Marc ensures that each sip of tea is not just a treat for the taste buds but a holistic experience for your well-being.

Tea Blends Crafted for Muskoka Moments: Featured in Muskoka Gift Boxes

In collaboration with Tea on the 45th, Muskoka Gift Box proudly presents carefully curated loose-leaf tea blends – Herbal Garden Party, Green Citrus Flower, and Muskoka Morning. These handcrafted blends are carefully selected to capture the very essence of Muskoka, enriching our curated gift boxes with the soothing and authentic flavours of this beloved region.

Savor Muskoka in Every Gift Box: The Tea on the 45th Experience

Tea on the 45th isn’t just a vendor; it’s an integral part of our mission to bring Muskoka to you. As we curate our Muskoka Gift Boxes, we aim to share the magic of Tea on the 45th, inviting you to savour the unique blend of health, community, and Muskoka spirit in every tea-infused moment. Embrace the experience – steeped in tradition, health, and the beauty of Muskoka living.


A brown bag of Muskoka morning loose-leaf tea.

Muskoka Morning Loose-Leaf Tea Blend – Featured in our Morning in Muskoka Box

A brown bag of loose-leaf tea.

Herbal Garden Party Loose-Leaf Tea Blend – Featured in our Sample of Muskoka Box

A brown bag of loose-leaf tea.

Green Citrus Flower Loose-Leaf Tea Blend – Featured in our Sample of Muskoka Box