Unveiling the Culinary Legacy of Yummies in a Jar: A Muskoka Gift Box Exclusive

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Muskoka, Yummies in a Jar isn’t just a vendor; it’s a heartfelt culinary journey crafted by Lynn Murden, the Owner and Cook extraordinaire. In 1992, Lynn envisioned a cottage industry that would allow her creativity to flourish amidst the splendour of Muskoka. Starting from a humble dozen jars of Strawberry Rhubarb jam at a Baysville street fair, Yummies in a Jar has evolved into a celebrated culinary haven.

Lynn’s journey from Vancouver, BC, to Ontario, where she met her husband, John Murden, led them to build a small Gallery in Baysville. Leveraging her Hospitality and Tourism Management diploma, Lynn blended her love for cooking with her passion for people, giving birth to Yummies in a Jar. The journey began with handmade labels and pretty fabric caps adorning each jar, a testament to Lynn’s dedication and love for her craft.

Yummies in a Jar Store and Gallery

Yummies in a Jar Store and Gallery Image Source: Yummiesinajar.com

The Yummies in a Jar story unfolds in their 1935 log home, where jam boxes turned it into a maze of flavours and fragrances. From friends helping put “hats” on jars to the bustling business with three Muskoka Farmers’ Markets, specialty shops, and 30 craft shows a year, Lynn’s dedication and growth were undeniable.

Today, Yummies in a Jar stands as a Muskoka staple, boasting a separate commercial kitchen and a team of Yummies’ Gals. Lynn’s culinary creations, from high-end preserves to quirky wonders like the Beer Sauerkraut Jelly, showcase her commitment to quality and unique taste experiences. Every product, still handcrafted and hand-packaged in Baysville, Muskoka, carries the essence of Lynn’s 32 years of passion and innovation.

Jam on the stove in large pots with seal jars on the counter surrounded by oranges.

Image Source: Yummiesinajar.com

As Lynn and her team juggle cooking, Farmers’ Markets, and manning the on-site Gallery and seasonal shop, the Yummies in a Jar experience is a testament to their love for what they do.

As you wander through the Muskoka Farmers’ Market or browse our online store, consider elevating your Muskoka Gift Box experience with the delectable offerings from Yummies in a Jar. Lynn Murden, the Proprietor and Cook, extends a warm invitation to savour the legacy she has meticulously built over 32 years, infusing each creation with love, dedication, and a sprinkle of Muskoka magic. Make your gift-giving truly special by adding Yummies in a Jar’s exquisite products to your Muskoka Gift Box – a celebration of flavours that reflects the essence of Muskoka. Here’s to 32 delicious years and countless more to come! 🌲 Cheers to crafting moments filled with Yummies!



3 jars with one in focus of Muskoka medley jam

Yummies in a Jar – Muskoka Medley Jam

3 jars with one in focus of Baysville Berrylicious Jam

Yummies in a Jar – Baysville Berrylicious Jam

a jar of Yummies in a Jar - Balsamic & Maple Bread Dipper & Dressing

Yummies in a Jar – Balsamic & Maple Bread Dipper & Dressing

A jar of orange and peach vinaigrette made by Yummies in a Jar

Yummies in a Jar – Orange and Peach Vinaigrette